5K / 10K / EAT&DRINK

You can choose small 5K city tour, Olympic city tour 10K or even go in the nature and taste original wine, extra virgin olive oil and other domestic food and drinks


Visit Pula by running slow or fast pace, longer or shorter distance, during the day, sunrise or in the sunset. Discover Pula running alone or in a small group and explore the hidden corners and unknown places with local runners.

Get to know the real city

Go into the places only locals are familiar with. Visit little known hideouts and avenues that open the mind into what being a local is all about.


OLYIMPIC RUN offers a 10 km run during which we explore the old city center and locations of 3 Olympic medalists in Pula DAMIR BURIĆ (GOLD - LONDON 2012), MATE PARLOV (GOLD - MUNICH 1972) and DRAŽEN PETROVIĆ (SILVER - BARCELONA 1992) with the finish inside the Arena.

Some of the places YOU HAVE TO SEE on our tours

"When choosing Medea wine the tasting room staff will provide you with expert recommendation and gladly let you know which wine perfectly suits you"
Wine Manager
“We are decidedly dedicated to traditional varieties, varieties yielding exceptionally high quality production; buža, ancient autochthonous variety and istarska bjelica, rosulja and, above all, the rediscovered žižolera."
Matteo Belci
Oil producer

Enjoy the TOUR of your life